The Chronicles of Hell  
Why this exhibition?
From 1917 the Western attitude toward the Russian Authorities has always been remarked by duality. Curiosity of the Post-revolution period turned to the business collaboration with Armand Hammer. Condemnation of the Red Terror was replaced with the World War II Grand Alliance, and then with the Cold War. It was always a path from hate to affection. The West was disgusted with Stalin, embracing Brezhnev, unsure of Andropov and in love with Gorbachev.

There were only a few Western people, like Professor Zbignev Bzhezinsky, called by Soviet propaganda "Hawk", "Russophobe" and "odious anti-Soviet", who was aware of the fact that during the XX century the authority in Russia always belonged to the same people, namely, communists and their avant-garde, the "Chekists" (a popular name for Secret Police). While the names of the government bodies and institutions have been changing, the essence remained the same: robbery of their own country and violence against their own people.

Millions of victims of this monstrous system lie under the permafrost of Kolyma and Siberia, in the bogs of the Russian North and under the sands of Uzbekistan. Yet their murderers are still around and still in power. Despite name changes over time, from the Cheka and NKVD to KGB and FSB, these derivatives of the Communist Party inherited all the bloody traditions of their predecessors.

Today is not exactly a time of affection towards Russia, but a time of romancing Russia all the same. President Bush looks into the former KGB officer’s eyes and finds him to be very straightforward and trustworthy... deeply committed to his country...
As for Europe Assembly it takes the Russian functionary on trust and refuses to investigate Anna Politkovskaya’s murder.

What is really going on in "his country"?
One having the courage to openly point out the truth about the Russian Authority was gunned down in her own apartment block. The murderers have still not been found because this authority covers up for them!

"A parliamentary investigation is always an expression of a lack of confidence in the investigative authorities. But we have no reason not to have confidence in them," says a Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs addressing the Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe, and thus convincing his European colleagues/deputies that there is no need for an independent parliamentary investigation into the murder of a heroic journalist.

"No one in our country has any doubts about the progress of the investigation into the journalist’s murder," says a Russian parliamentarian. No one has any doubts about Chechnya, murders, corruption, YUKOS. No one used to have “any doubts about honesty” of the infernal work of NKVD during Stalin’s “great purges” of 1934-1953, which resulted in over 40,000,000 deaths of various, often random Soviet Citizens – from opponents of Communism to highly ranked Communist Party officials, named “Old Lenin’s Guard” … No one in this immoral country has any doubts at all!

Why this exhibition?
Simply come and see the photographs from Russia.
Don't let it happen anywhere else.
Don't let anybody deceive you anymore.
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